About Me

Having spent over twenty years in the field of sales / promotion / marketing, I have honed my abilities to exceed expectations of outstanding service, product marketing, combined with an honest, humble & respectful approach. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, and helping them by making the process of buying and/or selling real estate easy and as stress free as possible.

I’m a Real Estate Broker that takes my fiduciary obligation to clients seriously.  This is a full time career and staying on top of industry news and happenings it key in providing exceptional service.  In the end, I need to be able to look my clients in the eye and whole heartedly state that I took care of you like as if you were my parent, sibling, or best friend.


I believe in hard work, good will towards others and to be good to the planet we live on. Respecting your neighbour and treating other people with decency and kindness is what makes this world go around and a life worth living for.  

I am your neighbor and a proud Weston Resident since 1998!

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